Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Overview

A Medicare Supplement Policy is private health insurance specifically designed to supplement the original Medicare Plan. This means it helps pay for some of the medical costs that your original Medicare won't cover. Medicare supplement insurance, also called Medigap, is private health insurance. You must have both Medicare Part A and Part B before you apply for this insurance. Medicare supplement (MedSup) policies help pay amounts not covered by the Original Medicare Plan.

Only you can decide which policy best meets your needs. MedSup policies are “standardized” — the plans are identified by letters A through N. Two plans with the same letter are identical, no matter which companies sell them.The only difference is the cost. A Medicare supplement policy covers only one person. If you and your spouse both want MedSup coverage, you must buy two separate policies. No MedSup policy covers: long-term care (such as care in a nursing home), vision or dental care, eyeglasses, prescription drugs, private-duty nursing or hearing aids.

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