401K Rollover

Continue Growing Your 401K

When you leave an employer or retire you are left with a few option of what to do about your 401k, i.e. whether or how to move that pot of money you’ve been filling up over the years to a place you can still use it and continue filling it up. You can choose to leave the money where it is, but also where it may end up being overlooked by your or less in your control. Sometimes you are able to transfer the money to another employer plan if that plan allows.

You can also choose to take the cash, but in turn pay income taxes or even penalty taxes if you are under retirement age. The best way to get control of your retirement funds without financial drawbacks is to roll over your funds into an individual retirement account or IRA. Rolling over means your money can continue growing and deferring taxes and usually gives you a broader choice of investments until the time comes to receive distributions in retirement.

How We Help

At The SAIL Group, we help you choose the right plans with the most benefits to your 401K Rollover. We'll provide comparisons, give you feedback, and go over the benefits and disadvantages of each plan you are interested in. Our professionals are here for you, whether you need information, need to change your plan, or need to search for a replacement. Secure your future retirement knowing your in the right hands.