Vehicle Collisions 101 – Crash Course

Vehicle Collisions Crash CourseBy: Tony Torbey

They are called “accidents” for a reason. They could happen to anyone, yes, even you! Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 34. On average, 90 people die every day from a motor vehicle collision.

We are sharing this information with you to keep you informed and protected. If you are interested in learning more about auto insurance in Rockford, call us today.

Driver behavior plays a huge role in the cause of accidents. Here is an overview of how badly they can impair safe driving, and what the statistics were in 2013 (latest data available):
•Aggressive Driving: 56%
•Speeding: 29%
•Driving Under the Influence: 31%
•Distracted Driving: 16%
•Fatigue: 6%
•Red Light Running: 2%

A roll-over accident is the most deadly form of accident, accounting for over one third or 38% of all passenger fatalities in 2010. SUV’s being the highest risk at 57% followed by pick-up trucks at 47%, vans at 30% and then passenger cars at 23%.

Now that you know the basics of the safety hazards you will face, be cautious when driving and always follow the rules of the road. If you would like to talk to someone today about auto insurance in Rockford, call us at (815) 282-3480. We are happy to help!

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