Things to Know When Buying Home Insurance

What You Should Know About Buying Home Insurance

Buying a new home can be an exciting but overwhelming process. First time buyers have a lot to consider, so it can be easy to imagine why they give little to no thought to home  insurance – but, should something happen in their home, it will be an all too stark reality that this insurance should have been more of a priority. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure to review these three important pieces of information regarding homeowners insurance and getting the best deal.

Compare Coverage from at Least Three Different Providers Buy Home Insurance by The SAIL Group

For those purchasing their home using a mortgage, it will be almost guaranteed the mortgage lender will require the buyer to have homeowners insurance and possibly additional coverage like flood insurance. Since there is no requirement as to whom to purchase this coverage from, make sure to compare coverage and prices from a few different providers to ensure you are getting the best possible coverage and the coverage required for a great, affordable price.

Escrow Insurance Payments with Mortgage Payments

Most homeowners tack their homeowners insurance payment onto their mortgage payment when they send in their check. During this process, the mortgage lender will pay the home insurance and generally the property taxes from the escrow in the home. Many mortgage providers prefer this method of payment because it ensures that the homeowners insurance premiums are being paid for the property. When purchasing a home, you will generally need to make the first year’s insurance payment, so make sure to bring information about the homeowners policy and the money to the closing.

Get Enough Coverage

The most important part of choosing a home insurance policy is making sure you are getting the right amount of coverage while also avoiding paying for more than is needed. It is never a good surprise to receive when something happens at the home and the insurance does not cover it or to discover after paying the premiums that what you are paying extra for is not even required.

Here are some of the common levels of coverage:

HO-2 – Protects only against instances outlined in the policy

HO-3 – Protects against all instances except listed exceptions

HO-5 – Protects well-maintained, newer homes from all instances except listed exceptions

HO-6 – Protects condominiums and covers personal property, liability and improvements to owner’s unit

HO-7 – HO-3 policy for mobile homes

HO-8 – HO-2 for older homes; only covers actual cash value

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