Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Car Insurance Policy by The SAIL Group

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

Auto Insurance Information for Rockford, IL

For those individuals who drive – either to work, school, on the weekend, or across the country – it is mandatory to have automobile insurance. While many people may believe all auto insurance providers are the same, it is important to keep in mind is that car insurance costs and types of coverage vary from one company to the next as well as from one state to the next.

General Auto Insurance Overview for the State of IllinoisCar Insurance Policy by The SAIL Group

When compared to the national average for car insurance rates, Illinois – in any city the individual lives in - is more expensive than the average cost for all 50 states and is also the fourth harshest state in the country when dealing with drivers who have a flawed driving record. According to market share analysis, some of the top car insurance providers in the state include Allstate, Country Financial, and State Farm.

It is also important to keep in mind that car insurance companies in Illinois tend to charge young men more for the same amount of coverage than they charge young women – this can be as much as $35 more every month, equally just of $400 more a year. Also, as drivers get older, their car insurance rates have been shown to drop significantly helping to save them over $1,000 on a yearly basis.

Driving Infractions and Your Auto Insurance

When it comes to driving infractions, such as speeding tickets, accidents, and DUI, car insurance companies will generally raise an individual’s insurance rate. For example, car insurance on Rockford, IL can increase as much as 20 percent for a simple speeding ticket. Additionally, those involved in automobile accidents can expect to see an increase of over 10 percent.

This is a very general overview of auto insurance. Do you want to learn more? The SAIL Group is here to answer all your questions! Call for a complimentary consultation today.

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