You have the most amazing staff. The attention to detail, time, and hard work they invested in helping me is amazing.

Juanita worked very hard to find one of your agencies to offer home and auto insurance at a better cost.  She also reviewed the coverage and made great recommendations.  I can't imagine anything she could have done in addition.  It will be Feb before I can move to a new insurance through your agency but I can't wait.

I'm drawing a blank on the name of the lady who found the best coverage for my Part D.  She did a remarkable job.  Again she clearly covered all the bases.

My point is that these women have created a level of confidence that has me singing the praises of your agency and I wanted to thank you.

Kris Molitor, Client

I just switched all my insurance coverage to The SAIL Group, mainly because the customer service and timely responses to my questions.

Carle Mahan, Homeowner

Tony at Torbey Financial Services treats me as if I’m the most important client he has.  I’d never consider moving my money anywhere else. 

Glenn Burdick, Client

My husband recently passed away and Senior Advisors of Illinois took care of all the claims that I had to file and made sure that I had no headaches.  I have no idea how I would have done it without them. 

Beverly Bergdorf, Widow

The SAIL Group saved us 50% on our home/auto Insurance and we have the exact coverage as we did before we switched

Sharon Ganshert, Homeowner

We just switched our Home/Auto and Business Insurance to The SAIL Group and we couldn’t be happier.

Jon Eppes, Homeowner

Torbey Financial Services have been handling our money since 2006, in that time we’ve never lost any money and we’ve averaged almost 7% a year.

Gene Purrington, Business Owner

I wish I would have met Tony Torbey and Torbey Financial Services when I first retired, because he’s been our go to person for all our investment and insurance needs.

Arthur Watts, Business Owner